Budget and Financial Policy


1. OMB A-11 on Budget Formulation and Execution: SF 132, Budget Apportionment and Reapportionment, SF 133, Report on Budget Resources and Execution.Federal Budget and Financial Policy Requirements and Reporting

2. OMB A-136 Federal Agencies’ Audited Financial Statements and Government-wide Consolidated Financial Reporting for the U.S. Government.

3. OMB A-127 Financial Management System and the JFMIP Core Financial System Requirements. Requirements for Federal shared services.

4. Treasury Financial Manual (TFM): Cash management policy and reporting: Reports on SF 224, Statement of Transactions, SF 1219, Statement of Accountability, SF 1221, Foreign Transactions, Non expenditure Transactions, Treasury Report of Receivables due from the Public and Debt Collections (TROR) : Government-wide Treasury Account Symbol (GTAS), Government-wide Financial Reporting System (GFRS). The U.S. Government Standard General Ledger.