Application Software

Our goal at A1FED is always to ensure your business operates in the optimal digital environment.

We know you need software solutions that adapt quickly to changing conditions and meet the needs of all your stakeholders.

A1FED professionals guide you from early concept through specific software solutions. We’ll meet you where you are and help you work within your business requirements and technical capacity.

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Agile, scalable software that is quick-to-market is our goal. Our DevSecOps practices automate code scanning, build, integration, testing, and deployment to increase the speed of delivery and quality of the software.

Today’s marketplace is complex. Our experience in both government and private industry offers peace of mind that your systems are both secure and compliant. We rely on modern development processes for software development, operations, and maintenance:

  • SAFe Lean-Agile
  • DevSecOps
  • Kanban

A1FED ensures all SDLC artifacts are developed and updated each sprint to comply with your requirements and gates, and to ensure projects artifacts are always up to date.