Training & Education

Individual skills build mission capabilities. 

A1FED supports hundreds of courses used by hundreds of thousands of learners. We provide course development, evaluation, updates, remediation for Section 508, and SCORM compliance.

Today’s learners demand more than traditional CBTs. We engage learners with Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) available on mobile devices. Our courses use gamification, simulations, video with synchronized text, and microlearning, among other strategies, to improve the learning experience.

  • Curriculum evaluation and development
  • Course objectives development
  • Storyboarding
  • Interactive courseware
  • Simulations and gamification
  • LMS/LCMS integration and administration
  • SCORM and Section 508 compliance
  • Improved learning experiences

We use participant feedback and analytics to continually improve courseware and curricula. Going beyond participant surveys, we analyze high-failure knowledge check questions, learning content that participants repeat, and other usage trends to identify opportunities for improvement.