A1FED Launches Multilingual Chatbot Using Cloud-Based AI/ML Engine

A1Fed, Incorporated (A1FED) has launched an Intelligent Chatbot, in the cloud, with real-time voice and language translations. The real-time bi-directional chat translates from 75 languages to English and back. The solution has been tested on a nationwide user base in English and Spanish. It is now available to A1FED customers.

hand touching messaging app

The artificial intelligence (AI) solution uses a machine learning (ML) model to learn the best responses to customer questions. The ML model is trained on past customer questions and resolutions. Its brain neural machine translation (BNMT) engine uses sequences to sequence modeling to automate phrase-based machine translation and enable multilingual natural language processing (NLP).

A1FED is an SBA certified 8(a) business founded in 2013. A1FED provides agile software development, data analytics, cloud AI/ML solutions, program management, and training services to enable customers to expand their capabilities through IT solutions.