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A1FED Awarded FDA Contract for Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) Support

A1Fed, Incorporated (A1FED) was awarded a contract for Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) Enterprise Support from the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Office of Information Management and Technology’s (OIMT) Office of Enterprise Portfolio Management (OEPM).

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A1FED Launches Multilingual Chatbot Using Cloud-Based AI/ML Engine

A1Fed, Incorporated (A1FED) has launched an Intelligent Chatbot, in the cloud, with real-time voice and language translations. The real-time bi-directional chat translates from 75 languages to English and back.

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Gilda Carter Joins A1FED as Vice President of Operations

A1Fed Incorporated (A1FED) is proud to announce that Gilda Carter has joined as Vice President of Operations. Her dedication to excellence and leadership skills have led to repeat customer engagements for over 3 decades.

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A1FED Awarded Healthcare Educational Support Contract

A1Fed Incorporated (A1FED) was awarded a contract to support a national healthcare organization by facilitating a centralized training review process. This process ensures [that] each healthcare educational curriculum and course are complete, accurate, compliant, and up to date.

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A1FED Awarded Data Migration Contract

A1Fed Incorporated (A1FED) was awarded a 2-year contract to improve data quality for a Federal agency while migrating data from an enterprise-level legacy system to a modern system. The system is used across all US states and territories.

Andrew Spell Joins A1FED as Vice President

A1Fed Incorporated (A1FED) welcomes Andrew Spell as Vice President of Innovative Technologies. Andrew’s 30 years of experience include delivering innovative IT solutions and quality improvements to customers in the federal and commercial sectors.

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A1FedImpact Awarded GSA STARS III Contract

The General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded A1FedImpact, LLC a STARS III contract. A1FedImpact is an SBA-approved mentor-protégé joint venture of which A1FED is a member.